Website Down

Dear Customers,

We apologize that the website was down. We are happy to share a $5 off for returning customers [Promo Code WGT5).

Thank you.


How it works?

1) Quote: date, item/s - pick up & delivery address

2) Service commences upon schedule confirmation & full payment

3) A payment guide will be sent for Bank Transfer or PayPal (paypal charge applies)

4) For purchases, client must have an idea of item to purchase Example: necklace, fragrance, chocolate cake, etc. Gift selection via Whatsapp, up to up to 3 options only

Terms & Conditions:

          • Expense of any purchases to be borne by client
          • Receipt of of any purchases will be provided, if available
          • Updates of errand progress via receipts/images/text messages
          • Booking is subject to schedule availability
          • Charge may apply per additional trip/hour

          Feel free to request any services here, as long as it is legal, ethical & well-intended