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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8 Benefits of using a Personal Concierge

  1. Time-saving. Personal concierge service is for time-starved clients spreading across the nation. It’s a rising trend in today’s upbeat lifestyle not just for the celebrities, anyone can afford it for just a couple of hours.
  3. Effective habits. While you can't clone yourself for sure, maximize resources, maximize time.
  5. Productivity. Good time-manager delegates, too much multi-tasking thins productivity. On contrary, focus brings greater performance.
  7. Peace of mind. It empowers the mind with extraordinary balance to know that things are done at the right time, the right place, by the right people.
  9. Trust. This service is built on trust, here is where you can entrust your most personal tasks with high confidentiality.
  11. Convenience. Have your most practical petty little problems solved at the convenience of a personal concierge.
  13. Simplify. Give yourself the flexibility without being overburdened by time-constraint. A personal concierge offers a little help to take the strain out of your day, it’s a way to simplify life.
  15.  Affordability. If you’re running a business, you might want to re-look at your regular overheads. Outsourcing for specific amount of work that needs to get done reduce costs and increase profitability. 

Where Got Time is a personal concierge provider tailored for busy individuals & business people in Singapore with a variety of assistance ranging from errand running to personal shopping for more focus in career, family & productivity ~ Your Personal Concierge & Errand Service