Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Concierge Services

For immediate scheduling, contact

sending for laundry, electronic repair, return & exchange,
airport transfer, itinerary planning, travel arrangements, arrange services,
pharmacy runs, post & bank runs, personal delivery, tour guide

powerpoint, design services, translation, mail sort,
schedule & project management, online research,
data management, business administration
& other related essentials

surprise loved ones, gift ideas, special gift shopping,
purchase & delivery, restaurant reservation, tickets
booking, return & exchange, mystery shopping,
anniversary, birthday surprise, vip arrangement

pet-sitting, feeding,
walking, grooming

breakfast / brunch / lunch / dinner delivery,
baby-sitting, house-sitting, groceries shopping,
queuing service

send/pick gadget repair,
research & arrange services,
oversee repairs & installations

*For services that are not listed here, feel free to request as long as it's legal, ethical and well-intended. 

Where Got Time is a personal concierge provider tailored for busy individuals & business people in Singapore with a variety of assistance services ranging from errand running to personal shopping for more focus in career, family & productivity ~ Your Personal Concierge & Errand Service